Séminaire Orestes Rivada Wheelagan

le Dr. Orestes Rivada Wheelagan, Okinawa Institute of Technology, Japon, donnera un séminaire :

« Unsymetrical naphthyridinone ligand-based scaffolds for the development of multimetallic complexes »

Le mardi 10 Juillet 2018, à 14h30, salle 774 du bâtiment Lavoisier


Linear chain multi-metallic complexes remain an active area of research due to their applications as supramolecular building blocks.

I have developed dynamic, unsymmetrical naphthyridinone-based ligand scaffolds to synthesize one-dimensional (1D) assembly of transition-metal complexes. Linear copper chains with lengths varying from 2, 3 to 4 copper atoms were developed. Their nuclearity can be easily controlled by the stepwise addition of a Cu(I) precursor to gradually increase the chain length, or decrease it by the reductive removal of Cu atoms.[1]

Moreover, synthesis, characterization and reactivity of heteronuclear Cu(I)-Pd(II) multimetallic complexes will be shown. In this case “sliding” movement of the highly dynamic naphthyridinone framework through the hetero-multimetallic chain can be observed. These families of hetero-multimetallic complexes were used as platforms to study the intermediates involved in Sonogashira coupling.

[1]. O. Rivada-Wheelaghan, S. L. Aristizábal, J. López-Serrano, R. R. Fayzullin, J. R. Khusnutdinova, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, 56, 16267.