Séminaire Truls Norby

Truls Norby, Professeur de l'université d'Oslo, sera invité au laboratoire ITODYS durant une semaine. Il donnera un séminaire intitulé:

« Water and protonic conduction on surfaces of nanomaterials - role in catalytic processes »

Le vendredi 05 Avril 2019, à 14h00, salle 774 du bâtiment Lavoisier

Water vapour chemisorbs on surfaces as protons and hydroxide ions at elevated temperatures and physisorbs as molecular water at lower temperatures in ice-like thin and liquid-like thick layers, respectively. Also hydrogen adsorbs and dissociates. All adsorbates give rise to surface protonic conduction of different mechanisms and magnitude depending on temperature and acidity of the surface. The surface protonic conduction may be used in electrolytes for electrochemical cells, but in this talk focus is more on its effect in some catalytic processes in finely porous nanomaterials.