Séminaire Emmanuel Lacôte

Le Dr. Emmanuel Lacôte, DR CNRS, Université de Lyon, donnera un séminaire :

« Organic Reactions with Hybrid Inorganic/Organic Structures »

Le vendredi 16 Mars 2018 à 11h, salle 774 du bâtiment Lavoisier


We are interested in exploring how the interplay between organic and inorganic parts can generate new properties. In this talk we will discuss how the complexation of boranes with N-Heterocyclic carbenes stabilizes boryl radicals, making them planar p-type radicals and how this can be applied to radical reactions and photopolymerizations. We will also show that the insertion of amides and ureas into the metal oxide framework of polyoxometalates generates new families of organocatalysts, a first step toward the formation of artificial enzymes.